Welcome to Indianapolis

Indianapolis is known for its many neighborhoods. For the most knowledgable information about each unique area in Indianapolis visit DowntownIndy's website. Provided here is an overview of the most visited areas of downtown Indy for entertainment and outdoor activities.

Downtown Indianapolis is a vibrant community constantly interacting together and offering excellent hospitality. The downtown area is constantly hosting professional, interactive and leisure conferences and festivals. Some of these include Strawberry Festival, A Taste of Indy and the Circle of Lights. Along with these frequent activities, don't miss the amazing local restaurants located all throughout the area. Different neighborhoods offer different tastes in food and culture. From the eclectic food in Fountain Square, to the trendy food and drinks of Mass Ave and the lively scene of Georgia Street, Indy offers something for everyone.

Not only is their a vibrant downtown scene, Indianapolis also runs along the White River offering river access and activities. Each day, locals and visitors travel to the canal area to enjoy leisure activities including paddleboats, running and biking. Also, throughout Indy runs a 8-mile culture trail offering greenery for locals.

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